Services & Price

Services & Price

Services & Price









  • Ladies Re-Design
  • Ladies Cut & Design
  • Ladies Wet Cut
  • Gents Cut & Design
  • Girls Cut & Design*
  • Boys Cut*
  • £38.00
  • £36.00
  • £25.00
  • £25.00
  • £25.00
  • £10.00




  • Full Head Foils
  • Half Head Foils
  • T-Bar Foils
  • Partial Foils
  • Global Colour
  • Gloss Colour
  • Regrowth Colour
  • Balayage
  • Olaplex Added to Colour
  • Additional Colour/Toner
  • Hollywood Colourblend
  • Fashion Colour/Colour Correction
  • £60.00
  • £50.00
  • £40.00
  • £35.00
  • £48.00
  • £40.00
  • £40.00
  • £55.00
  • £18.00
  • £18.00
  • £225.00
  • Price on consultation




  • Shampoo & Blow Dry
  • Glamorous Curly Blow Dry
  • Hair Up
  • GHD Curls
  • Full Make-Up (inc lashes)
  • Eyes Only (inc lashes)
  • Night On The Town (Hair & Make-Up)
  • £20.00
  • £25.00
  • £35.00
  • £25.00
  • £35.00
  • £25.00
  • £65.00



  • Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment
  • Olaplex Treatment & Blow Dry*
  • Colour Refresh & Blow Dry*
  • Deluxe Treatment*
  • Express Treatment*
  • £99 – £130
  • £33.00
  • £30.00
  • £10.00
  • £5.00



  • Bridal Hair & Make Up Trial
  • Bridal Hair Trial
  • Bridal Make-Up Trial
  • Bridal Hair & Make-Up (on the day)
  • Bridal Hair (on the day)
  • Bridal Make-Up (on the day)
  • £100.00
  • £60.00
  • £60.00
  • £125.00
  • £65.00
  • £65.00

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment

From frustrating to fabulous hair. Discover the ultimate transformation. Kerasilk Keratin treatment is the first customizable long-lasting smoothing service for hair like silk up to 5 months. It makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable, softens waves and smoothens the overall hair structure. It also reduces the clients’ daily styling time significantly. The perfect Smoothing Treatment in Oban. We have seen some fantastic results in salon from this product that is exclusively available only at Pearspn & Devine Hair in Oban.

The treatment costs from £99 – £130 depending on length and thickness of the hair including a take home shampoo & conditioner to enable you to maintain your new look at home. With most treatments you are unable to wash your hair for three days after, with Kerasilk you can wash your hair the same day, tie your hair up and even have your hair coloured in the same day.

Olaplex Treatment & Blow Dry

For hair that has been compromised chemically or thermally, this should be your first go to treatment. The Bond Multiplying System can be used as a reset button for your hair and by doing so allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity to the point where a color or chemical service would then be feasible once again. This treatment may be done before and/or after a chemical service and may be applied in the salon once a week or more. Compatible with all hair types from virgin to extremely compromised chemically treated hair. This is our most popular service requested by clients and a great introduction to the Olaplex System.

Colour Refresh & Blow Dry

For Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads bring your colour back to life between visits, includes a conditioning treatment.

Deluxe Treatment (15 Minutes)

A deluxe deep-conditioning treatment which gives extra emphasis to the relaxing head massage. Heat is applied for deeper, longer lasting conditioning. A great treat to pre-book with your next service

Express Treatment (5 Minutes)

A deep conditioning treatment, along with relaxing head massage, won’t break the bank and is ideal for busy clients. It is recommended with all services.


Hollywood Colourblend

The Colourblend technique is multi-dimensional Colourblended Hair thats perfectly blended & toned from root to tip to creat your perfect shade & tone mixing up to 15 different shades to achieve the best formula to match your skin & eye colour perfectly.
Placing highlights & lowlights exactly where you need them gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair while blending the tones freehand down the hair at many different stages adding shading allows the clients natural root to grow out seamlessly with top ups every year.
Clare is proudly the only level 2 Certified Artist in Scotland.

  • Girls Cut & Design (Under 12’s only)
  • Bride Hair Up/Make Up – Please note that travel is charged if you require us to travel to your location.
  • Please note that colour services exclude a cut and design
  • All on scalp colour services require a skin test 24-48 hours prior to service